Saturday, March 01, 2008

Thanks to Faisal, Alzahra, & Abdelraheem!

Hi Students,

I'd especially like to thank, Faisal for being the first student who created his blog, named About Me Faisal.

I'd also like to thank Abdelraheem for being the first student who sent me an SMS as well as Alzahra who was the third student who sent her SMS. However, I haven't received the URLs of your blogs yet!

I look forward to reading your posts to your blogs and to communicating with you online and learning, together!

Thank you for your interest in learning and improving your English skills.

See you in class, tomorrow!

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faisal said...

Thank to you Mrs very much,

I thing I've set my blog to the english language. I'm not sure about that actually cause this the first time that I use this site. I also haven't used sites like this before. I'll do my best trying to use on it.

I hope that there is no mistakes with what I've wrote.